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Building a Life of Passion and Purpose, from the Ground Up

A professional architect shares her Architectural Method for building the inspired life you’ve always wanted

Divorced? Empty nest? Stuck in a career or relationship that just isn’t working for you? Maybe you’re just trapped on the hamster wheel of work or family life and can’t seem to find joy in it anymore.

Architect turned author and life builder, Karen Otis, discovered that when nothing else in her life was working, the architecture side of things still flowed smoothly. This gave her the idea to take what worked so well about being an architect and apply it to life’s challenges. That realization changed everything, and Karen has written a new book sharing her Architectural Method for the benefit of all: “Be the Architect of Your Life: Design Build, and Start Living a Life Inspired.”

From White-Picket Fence to Whiteout

In 1999, architect Karen Otis had her world turned upside down by her then husband’s infidelity. Suddenly, her marriage of 12 years was over and she had two small children to care for on what had, up until then, been a part-time career in architecture.

Life sent her reeling and Karen dug into her work while investing any time she could in therapy and new friendships that could help her heal, grow and move forward.

Though even as she healed, the hard lessons kept coming. She spent several years in another relationship before finally realizing that he, too, was emotionally unavailable. Then she found a man who seemed like a great partner, agreed to marry him and he turned on a dime on their honeymoon, transforming into a completely different person than the one she had committed to.

After this failed relationship ended in annulment, Karen took a long, hard look at her life. Even with all the work she had done in therapy and all the self-help books she had read, she still found herself unable to trust her intuition and repeating unhealthy relationship patterns from the past.

Only one thing in her life seemed to stand strong and clear throughout all her ups and downs: her architectural work. What if she were to take what worked so well for transforming and rebuilding homes and use it to rebuild her own life?

Building a Life Inspired

Karen began to notice that when she approached her life with the creative freedom from which she approached architectural design, she felt more alive, aligned and inspired.

“I followed the steps I take every time I design a building,” Karen said. “That gave me direction and was the ideal guide for me since it had become almost innate throughout my career. From that point forward, everything began to change.”

Karen worked through the emotional baggage that had wreaked havoc on her life: shame, feelings of unworthiness, distrust, guardedness, fear. Using her Architectural Method for life building, she began to rebuild her life from the ground up.

“I reassembled my life like I would a building,” Karen shared. “Through the Architectural Method, I was able to discover what the vision of my life was and determine what parts should stay intact and which parts were not fixed in place and needed reevaluation. I was able to visualize and manifest my vision. In doing so, I found the love of my life, my true life purpose and my deepest happiness.”

The Architectural Method

Those closest to Karen quickly began to see the positive impact of her transformation. As her new, empowered life unfolded, Karen also observed that many of the people she encountered were struggling with deep discontent and disillusionment as she once had. Motivated by her newfound insight and purpose, she set out to share the steps that had worked so well for her with others.

“I was eager to help them overcome the dissatisfaction with their own lives,” Karen said. “These people weren’t architects; they were moms, lawyers, businesspeople, college students—all kinds of people just looking for meaning and direction.”

From those going through a midlife crisis to those stuck on the treadmill of work or raising a family, to anyone who feels they just have to settle for the mediocrity of a mundane existence, Karen Otis set out to help them rebuild their lives around daily fulfillment, joy, meaning and resounding purpose.

The Architectural Method has eight steps:

* Step 1 – Site Study
* Step 2 – Explore Historical Models
* Step 3 – Create a Wish List
* Step 4 – Absorb
* Step 5 – Envision a Vision
* Step 6 – Begin to Draw
* Step 7 – Allow the Vision to Lead
* Step 8 – Definition Is In the Details

“These steps really help people to connect with their intuition and discover what they really want, not what other people have wanted for them,” Karen said. “These are soul-based, soul-driven decisions. That’s where happiness comes in. If your soul feels fulfilled and nourished, you’re going to be happy.”

Now, Karen offers motivational and inspirational talks all over the country as well as one-on-one life-building sessions and group workshops. Her new book, “Be the Architect of Your Life: Design Build, and Start Living a Life Inspired,” launches in April, 2017.

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PRESS RELEASE (March 20, 2017): Professional Architect Takes Her Architectural Method from Home Building to Life Building

For more information, visit www.BeTheArchitectOfYourLife.com and www.OtisArchitecture.com.
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