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Ditch Old “Doorways,” Create Your Own Way Through

Sometimes we become trapped in our own thinking and expectations and aren’t able to see things in a new way. Why must a door be rectangular with a hinge on one side and handle in the predictable spot? A door is simply an opening, a gateway. It can come in many forms. Architect and life builder Karen Otis helps people break down preconceptions to create new possibilities in life.

Spring Clean Your Life

When architects improve a property, they have to decide what is worth keeping—what helps move the new structure forward—and what needs to be cleared away in order to create something new. Architect and life builder Karen Otis shares her Architectural Method for spring cleaning your life.

Rebuild Your Life, from the Ground Up

Whether you’re reeling from a tragedy or simply disenchanted with life, love or your career, architect Karen Otis has discovered an unusual way for you to revamp your world: the Architectural Method. These are the eight steps architects use to build homes. Now you can use them to rebuild your life.

The Sociology of Architecture

We want in architecture what we want in life. Many of us don’t consciously realize that we want a physical space that makes us feel protected, safe, peaceful, serene, and so on. As architect Karen Otis says, “Architecture is about creating a space for the human spirit.”

Life Building Skills from an Architect

Architect Karen Otis shares eight steps from her Architecture Method for building the life you’ve always wanted. From her second step, Karen shares: “In architecture, we look at historical models. In a life build, we look at how you got to where you are now. Understanding and realizing that lets people move forward differently and stop repeating the same pattern.”

Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Architect Karen Otis’ marriage ended in divorce after she discovered her husband’s years of infidelity. In the wake of that tragedy, she discovered that her architectural career held powerful wisdom that could help her rebuild her life. Now, she shares her Architectural Method with others.

Life After an Empty Nest

Architect Karen Otis takes wisdom from building homes and applies it to building your life anew after the kids move out. Discover your wish list and envision the life you’ve always wanted, then build it with soul-driven decision making.
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